San Bruno Man Faces Year in Jail…

A San Bruno Man faces a year behind bars after pleading no contest to a hit-and-run crash that killed a pedestrian, who police have said was at fault.

The Mercury News

Little Released from Custody

A Siskiyou County judge agreed to release Hoopa Resident Suzanne Little (Aubrey) from custody on Monday after her attorney, John D. Forsyth, requested to have her released…

Two Rivers Tribune

Former Exec gets 3 years In Internet Sex Case

A Marin interactive -TV executive will spend nearly three years in federal prison for using the internet to solicit sex from a minor, a federal judge ruled in San Francisco…

Marin Independent Journal

A California Law that makes it illegal to knowingly transmit sexual material to a minor via the internet is unconstitutionally overbroad in violation of the First Amendment…

Bureau of National Affairs, Washington D.C.

California Trial Judge says NET PORN LAW Violative of speech rights, Commerce Clause

Judge says law on sending material to minors violates Constitution; prosecutors will pursue trial against ex-teacher in state court…

Contra Costa Times

Internet Seduction Felony Case Dismissed

The case of a San Ramon man arrested last summer by Piedmont Police after having sexual conversations on the internet with a supposed teenage girl is being challenged in the Contra Costa County Courts…

Contra Costa County Times

Internet Sex Case Dispute

A Contra Costa County Superior Court Judge on Monday declared unconstitutional a Penal Code section that makes it illegal to transmit sexual material over the internet if the person sending the information knows the recipient is a minor.


Judge Strikes Law Against online Sex info to minors

As pedophiles turn to the Web, are sex crimes on the rise?

CyberCrime News

A Pedophiles New Tool

A state law designed to net people who use the Internet to lure kids is being called unconstitutional by some attorneys.

The Recorder

Caught in the WEb

…Criminal Defense Attorney John Forsyth feared that Maddock would believe “prison is good for everyone.” Instead, Forsyth said Maddock gave his client’s case a fair hearing and carefully considered defense briefs….

The Recorder

Judge brings Sacramento savvy to COCo Bench