San Francisco Superior Court
Client was charged with misdemeanor assault on two police officers and resisting arrest. Client was with a group of people who had chartered a party bus to go to nightclubs in San Francisco as part of a birthday celebration. Outside of a club several drunken men tried to get on the bus and began assaulting two of the women in the party. Client and his friend attempted to help the women and were grabbed from behind by the cops beaten with batons. The police reports stated that the client had attacked and assaulted a police officer in the street and the other officers came in to assist subduing him. The defense investigative team immediately began interviewing witnesses who stated that 4 to 5 police officers beat the defendant so hard with their batons that you could hear the blows to his head from 40 feet away. Witnesses also stated that the client suffered a severe blow to his scalp,which was bleeding so profusely that blood had to be wiped from his eyes and face. Witnesses described how the client was “hog tied” by police and left bleeding on the sidewalk while a police officer rested his knee in the client’s back and smoked a cigarette. All of this was presented to the judge and prosecution.

Client was granted diversion with CHARGES DISMISSED. The Law Office of John D. Forsyth, in conjunction with the Law Office of Paul J. Smoot, is currently pursuing a civil lawsuit against the San Francisco Police Department and the City of San Francisco.

San Francisco County Superior Court
Client was outside a sports bar watching a fight when several police officers came from behind and beat him to the ground. He was charged with assault on a police officer.

CASE DISMISSED after the defense filed a motion to open the personnel and discipline records of all the officers involved regarding prior use of excessive force.