Alameda County Superior Court
Client was charged with grossly negligent vehicular homicide while DUI. Client was exposed to 22 years of state prison and two strikes, as there were two separate victims. The details of the accident were quite grisly as two people died in a fiery crash. By assembling a team consisting of an accident reconstructionist and 2 investigators, the defense was able to get the charges reduced to vehicular manslaughter while DUI and the client was granted probation and served a short county jail sentence. Further, the DMV did not suspend the client’s driver’s license after an administrative hearing where one of the investigating officers made misrepresentations regarding what he observed the night of the incident.

No state prison. No DMV license suspension.

Contra Costa County Superior Court
Client was an 80 year old man who was involved in a traffic accident that ended in the death of his wife, the death of another driver and severe injuries to a third driver. Client was charged with two counts of misdemeanor vehicular homicide. Witness statements revealed that the client’s car drifted across into oncoming traffic. The defense contended that this was evidence that he had been unconscious. The case proceeded to trial on a “no time waiver” basis.

On the first day of trial the CASE WAS DISMISSED by the district attorney.